Relief of Headaches in Chattanooga Tennessee 

 January 30, 2016

By  Dr. Todd Osborne

brain_headacheNatural Relief of Headaches in Chattanooga

You might find the number of Americans suffering from headaches and migraines astounding.  Of the 45 million estimated people with chronic headaches, 28 million people’s lives are impacted by migraines.  Approximately 20% of kids and adolescents also experience some type of significant headaches in their lives.1

Common Headache Types:

Tension Headaches: These are the most common type of headache amongst teens and adults.  The source of tension-type headaches is an abnormal muscular contraction leading to moderate pain levels.  These types of headaches may come and go over an extended period of time.1

Migraines: The pain of migraine headaches can range from moderate to severe and is often described as a throbbing or pounding pain.  Migraines can last from hours to days and often come with associated symptoms such as light-sensitivity, nausea or vomiting, and noise-sensitivity.  The exact cause of migraines has yet to be pinpointed, but emerging theories classify them as neurovascular in nature, meaning their origins are found in both the nervous and vascular systems.2

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Cluster Headaches: Cluster headaches may be the least common, but they can be the most severe as far as pain levels are concerned.  Cluster headaches bring a piercing pain that can either be constant or throbbing.  The pain is often one-sided and localized behind one eye.  In a period of active cluster headaches, the sufferer may experience symptoms up to three times daily, and a cluster may last from weeks to months.1

What Can Be Done?

The most common option for headache and migraine treatment is the prevention or mitigation of pain using over-the-counter or prescribed medications.  While these medications may provide some temporary relief, the cause of the headache is never addressed.

Thankfully, Drs. Christi and Todd Osborne are providing a natural alternative to headache and migraine relief to the people of Chattanooga.  Their specific focus on the upper cervical area of the spine (C1 and C2 vertebra) addresses misalignments that can be compromising the neurological and vascular function of the structures of head and neck that can directly contribute to headaches.  Once these misalignments, or subluxations, are corrected and the body is allowed to return to proper function, many headache and migraine sufferers are able to see relief and get back to living their lives headache-free.3


Relief of Headaches in Chattanooga Tennessee

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Dr. Todd Osborne

Dr. Todd Osborne has completed extensive post-graduate education in Activator Methods, and has hundreds of hours in continuing education in Upper Cervical Chiropractic, Neurology, and is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist, certified by the Atlas Orthogonal Board and Sherman College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Todd Osborne

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