Concussions in Youth: A Concern in Chattanooga 

 March 14, 2016

By  Dr. Todd Osborne

Whiplash, Neck Pain, Neck Ache, Back Pain, Back Ache, Headache, Headaches, Migraine, Migraines, accident, car accident, Neck Injury, Neck Trauma, Sports AccidentConcussions are not just a concern for pro or elite level athletes, although that’s when we most frequently become aware of them.  When a pro football player has even the slightest chance of having sustained a head injury, he is immediately evaluated.  Unfortunately, similar injuries go undetected, many times, in children and teens that are on a school sports team or after-school league.  Concussions are so common in many recreational sports activities that they affect anywhere between 1.6-3.8 million people across the country.

Concussions in kids are especially concerning because their brains are still developing.  Youths have perhaps the highest risk to suffer from longer lasting negative effects following a concussion.  This is problematic since an estimated 50% of high school age athletes did not self-report after they sustained a head injury leading to a concussion.  If your child is experiencing lingering after-effects following a concussion, getting to the bottom of it as quickly as possible should be a priority to prevent more permanent deficits.

Rather than treating the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome with medications or taking a wait-and-see approach, at Scenic City Clinic of Chiropractic we look for the underlying cause.  Due to the nature of concussions, it is likely that the injury to the head also caused a misalignment of the vertebra just underneath the skull, the atlas.  Because of the unique shape and biomechanics of the atlas, it is prone to misalignment, and when it shifts off its normal position, it can contribute to headaches, dizziness, and many other concussion symptoms.

We take great care in analyzing for this misalignment and work towards gently restoring normal alignment.  This takes pressure off of delicate nerves and blood vessels and lets them start to function normally again.  We have seen upper cervical chiropractic bring relief to many people after suffering from concussion symptoms for some time after their injury.  If you’re in the Chattanooga area, and you or your child has suffered a head or neck injury, having your upper cervical spine checked for misalignments is an important step towards complete healing.

To find an upper cervical specialist in your area go to http://www.NUCCA.org or if you are in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area CALL 423-402-4602 to schedule a consultation

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Dr. Todd Osborne

Dr. Todd Osborne has completed extensive post-graduate education in Activator Methods, and has hundreds of hours in continuing education in Upper Cervical Chiropractic, Neurology, and is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist, certified by the Atlas Orthogonal Board and Sherman College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Todd Osborne

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